Sunday, June 7, 2020 may be another spam crypto-coins exchange.

I have my triangular arbitrage, and trade in ( some days.
First, i deposit 200 usdt.
I unexpectedly traded so much timer, and earn some USDT.
Then i want to withdraw half USDT (more than 200 usdt).

Bitrue can withdraw 2BTC one day if not kyc. But them deny my withdraw.
They say they disallow arbitrage, fuck them.  If i want to withdraw 200 usdt(which is my deposit), i must submit KYC then request withdraw 200 USDT, and need diasble my account.

I ask them after my KYC, can then deleted my KYC information. They answer they can.

And ,i have to subbmit KYC to withdraw 200 USDT.

So, if you want to trade in, please attention!

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