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[Silverlight4]-自制数字签名for XAP签名(Xap code signing) 7.0

Windows Phone 7已成功破解 工具开放下载


彻底攻破!!xap包重新签名并部署教程! 7.5











后来,找到 Silverlight 4 安全性概览

找到子项 How to: Enable Trusted Applications to Run Inside the Browser

Trusted Applications

How to: Access the Local File System in Trusted Applications

Silverlight Application Security Model





Visual studio 2010 中文SP1 无法安装Silverlight5 Beta Tools的解决办法 (好像失效)

项目记录 新浪财经Silverlight版

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google api



greader2kindle - Google Reader To Kindle

RSS Bandit


使用 SkyDrive 将“Windows 8”应用程序扩展到云

Windows Live Messenger 2007 机器人大赛,最下方有开发机器的教程

使用DotMSN 2.0开发MSN机器人(强烈建议别再使用dotmsn,使用MSNPSharp来开发)



QQRobot QQ机器人 0.1.3

QQRobot(version 0.1.3) 是一个由C语言开发的QQ机器人。
用途:QQRobot主要用于实现 网站 和 QQ 之间的互动。
用户通过自己的QQ 实时接收来自网站的消息/内容,并且通过QQ向网站发布自己的内容。
QQRobot 具备以下特点:

它是跨平台的,可以在 Linux/Windows 主机上运行;
可以和 PHP/ASP/.NET/JSP/... 等各种网站编程语言集成;
占用系统资源非常小,一个 QQRobot 仅占用 40KB内存;

QQRobot 能做什么:

资讯网站: 用户可以直接用QQ来订阅最新新闻、资讯。
IDC网站: QQ机器人可以通知你的用户他的域名空间何时到期、如何缴费等。
广告联盟: QQ机器人可以通知网站主的收益情况,发钱时间等。


MSDN 中文网络广播,这里有非常多的视频教程及示例下载

Windows Live Photo Gallery SDKs — The Windows Live Photo Gallery SDK includes the following components:

Windows Live Writer SDK — Three sets of APIs are provided in this SDK:

  • Application API, for launching Writer to create new posts or "Blog This" items for links, snippets, images, and feed items.
  • Content Source Plugin API, for extending the capabilities of Writer to insert, edit, and publish new types of content.
  • Provider Customization API, for customizing both the capabilities of Writer as well as adding new capabilities to the Writer user interface.

以下来源:Windows Live SDK 不完全汇总(更新中)

The Windows Live™ Platform puts a deeper level of control into developers' hands by offering access to the core services and data through open, easily accessible APIs. Now you can build applications and mashups (Web applications that combine multiple services into a single application to consolidate information with an easy-to-use interface) that combine your innovation with the power of Windows Live services and social relationships.
See the Windows Live SDK License Agreement for important details on the use of the software developer kit (SDK). Visit to learn more about other services and developer offerings from Windows Live.
Windows Live Services
The following SDKs and APIs are available to Windows Live developers.
[联系人地址簿]: Windows Live Contacts API - Beta 1.0 — The Windows Live Contacts API is an HTTP-based service that enables developers to programmatically submit queries to, and retrieve results from, the Windows Live Contacts Address Book database.
[照片]: Personal Data SDK — The Windows Live Spaces Photos API enables Web sites to programmatically exchange data with the Windows Live Spaces photo database, using the WebDAV protocol.
Windows Live Messenger Library — The Windows Live Messenger Library enables you to add instant messaging capabilities from inside your Web site.
Windows Live Messenger IM Control — The Windows Live Messenger IM Control enables Web sites to show the presence of Windows Live Messenger users, and enable site visitors to engage in instant messaging conversations with the Messenger users.
Windows Live Presence API — The Windows Live Presence API is an HTTP-based API that returns a Windows Live Messenger user's presence, using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) or an image.
Virtual Earth Map Control SDK — Virtual Earth™ provides the power behind Live Search Maps, an online mapping service that enables users to search, discover, explore, plan, and share information about specific locations. By using traditional road maps, labeled aerial photo views, low-angle high-resolution aerial photos and proximity-searching capabilities, Virtual Earth provides varied opportunities for developers to incorporate both location and local search features into their Web applications. The Virtual Earth map control SDK consists of a complete set of reference topics of the Virtual Earth map control API. Virtual Earth Map Control SDK, , Virtual Earth Map Control SDK, , and Virtual Earth Map Control SDK, are provided to support developers using an earlier version of the map control who have not migrated to version 6.0.
Microsoft MapPoint Web Service — Microsoft MapPoint Web Service is a hosted, programmable Web service that enables you to integrate high-quality maps, driving directions, distance calculations, proximity searches, and other location intelligence into your applications, business processes, and Web sites.
Live Search API, Version 1.1 — The Live Search Web Service is an XML Web service with a SOAP API. The Search Web Service enables you to submit queries to, and return results from, the Live Search Engine. The Search section also features articles that cover a variety of technical topics and coding techniques for the Live Search developer.
Windows Live ID SDK — The Windows Live ID service (formerly known as the Passport Network) is the identity and authentication system provided by Windows Live. The Windows Live ID Client 1.0 SDK enables you to start developing identity-aware client applications that make use of this powerful technology and its enormous user base. With the Windows Live ID Delegated Authentication SDK for Application Providers, you can request users' permission to put their data to work for them in new ways. And the Windows Live ID Web Authentication SDK provides a platform-independent interface to the Windows Live ID service, so you can verify the identity of visitors to your Web site. Finally, for an introduction to Windows Live ID and more information about some of its features, see Windows Live ID Articles.
Silverlight Streaming SDK — Microsoft Silverlight™ Streaming service is a free online hosting service for Silverlight-based applications and media. The Microsoft Silverlight Streaming SDK provides documentation that enables you to create and optimize Silverlight-based applications for Silverlight Streaming, and package video files for upload to the service.
Microsoft adCenter API — The Microsoft adCenter API enables you to create applications that create and manage adCenter campaigns, orders, keywords, and ads. Using adCenter API, you also can obtain the status of orders, keywords and ads, pause and resume orders, generate keyword estimates and reports about campaign performance, and perform order targeting.
Windows Live Alerts SDK — The Windows Live Alerts SDK, version 2.5b, enables developers familiar with SOAP to programmatically integrate with the Alerts notification service and perform administrative tasks that are unavailable using the Windows Live Alerts Web site.
Windows Live Custom Domains SDK — The Windows Live Admin Center SDK, version 3.0, enables developers to programmatically manage their Windows Live Admin Center user base by means of a Web service. This SDK is intended for customers and partners who want to accomplish programmatically many of the administration tasks available on the Windows Live Admin Center Web site, as well as tasks that are unavailable on the site, such as importing and exporting user lists.
Windows Live Expo API — The Windows Live Expo API defines a set of Web services enabling customers to programmatically access the Expo classifieds listings database — a collection of location-tagged classifieds listings in categories such as merchandise, real estate, autos, jobs, and commercial services.
Windows Live Messenger Activity SDK — The Windows Live Messenger Activity SDK contains technical information about how to develop and test single-user and multi-user applications by using the Activity object model. The SDK also provides detailed information about development and testing requirements that your Activity must meet and how to increase the usage of your Messenger Activity application.
Introduction to Windows Live Spaces APIs and Feeds — The Windows Live Spaces APIs and Feeds documentation provides reference material for developers interested in integrating with Windows Live Spaces. This information provides guidance for consuming APIs and feeds within the Spaces development platform. Additional information about developing on the Windows Live Spaces platform can be found at
Windows Live Spaces MetaWeblog API — The MetaWeblog API programming interface enables external programs to get and set the text and attributes of weblog posts. The API uses the XML-RPC protocol for communication between client applications and the weblog server.
Windows Live Toolbar Custom Button SDK — The Windows Live Toolbar Custom Button SDK shows how you can extend Toolbar with custom buttons. This SDK provides an overview of how users can install publicly available buttons and create their own, simple buttons. Most of this SDK, however, shows how you can use XML to create more sophisticated custom buttons and how you can distribute them to users.
Windows Live Writer SDK — Two sets of APIs are provided in this beta version of the SDK. The Application API launches Writer to create new posts or Blog This items for links, snippets, images, and feed items. The Content Source Plugin API extends the capabilities of Writer to insert, edit, and publish new types of content. The SDK documentation contained in this version is preliminary. The documentation will be extended in a future release.

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pkrss web(php)

第一部份 使用zend studio

一. 安装zend studio 5.5,(听说是最好用的版本)



装了windows 7,发现普通模式不兼容zendstudio,又装了zendstudio 7,发现那个难用啊,下面给大家介绍是Windows 7上安装zendstudio 5.5的步骤

01、下载并安装最新版本的 JRE for Windows:

02、使用WINRAR解压 Zend Studio 5.5.1.exe

03、 进入解压后的文件夹 Zend Studio 5.5.1Windows(下面简称A文件夹) ,将resource目录下的jre文件夹重命名为jre.back(或其他名称都可)

04、复制 C:Program Files (x86)Javajre6到第三步中的目录,并将jre6重命名为jre

05、执行安装 A文件夹下的 Zend Studio 5.5.1.exe

06、安装完成后将 A文件夹 下 resource 目录中的jre.back文件夹复制到Zend Studio 的安装目录中,

07、重命名安装目录中的 jre 文件夹为 jre6

08、重命名安装目录中的 jre.back 文件夹为 jre

09、在ZendStudio图标上点击右键/属性/兼容性 设置兼容模式为 Vista

10、启动Zend Studio
本文章来自:Windows7下安装Zend Studio 5.5


一个屡获大奖的专业 PHP 集成开发环境,具备功能强大的专业编辑工具和调试工具,支持PHP语法加亮显示,支持语法自动填充功能,支持书签功能,支持语法自动缩排和代码复制功能,内置一个强大的PHP代码调试工具,支持本地和远程两种调试模式,支持多种高级调试功能。

zend studio 5.5 改为简体中文版的办法

大家调试ZEND的时候应该会用到zend studio,不知道是不是中国购买zend产品的用户太少了还是我安装的问题,装好后桌面选项中竟然没有“简体中文”的语言选项了,到配置文件夹里看了一会,在{X}:Documents and Settings{User}ZDEconfig_5.{x}desktop_options.xml文件中<customized_property ID="desktop.language">
<locale language="en" country="" variant=""/>









define('DB_TYPE', "pgsql"); // or mysql
define('DB_HOST', "localhost");
define('DB_USER', "fox");
define('DB_NAME', "fox");
define('DB_PASS', "XXXXXX
    //define('DB_PORT', '5432'); // when neeeded, PG-only

    define('SELF_URL_PATH', 'http://yourserver/tt-rss/');


define('DB_TYPE', "mysql"); // or mysql
define('DB_HOST', "localhost");
define('DB_USER', "root");
define('DB_NAME', "pkrssserver");
define('DB_PASS', "");

    //define('DB_PORT', '5432'); // when neeeded, PG-only

    define('SELF_URL_PATH', 'http://localhost:801/rssserver/');

define('PHP_EXECUTABLE', '/usr/bin/php');


define('PHP_EXECUTABLE', 'E:/develop/xampp/php');

define('ISCONFIGURED', true);

define('ISCONFIGURED', true);



三、配置Zend Studio 5.5




替换Listen 80Listen 801,这步因为win7不给用80端口

搜索LoadModule ssl_module modules/ 前加#,这步因为win7不给用443端口


Alias /rssserver D:/work/svn/rssserver
<Directory "D:/work/svn/rssserver">
AllowOverride None
Options None
Order allow,deny
Allow from all





mbstring.language = Chinese

mbstring.internal_encoding = UTF-8


mbstring.encoding_translation = On

最后位置加上:(我的zend安装在E:Program FilesZend)

zend_extension_ts=e:Program FilesZendZendStudio-5.5.0libphp5ZendDebuggerLocal.dll




浏览器中打开: http://localhost:801/rssserver,成功


第二部份 使用php for VS2010


通过在visual studio中工具->扩展管理器,查找联机库php,可找到vs.php,点下载,打开 链接,下载VS.Php 2.10 for Visual Studio 2010 (web installer)Download XDebug里的PHP 5.3 VC9 TS (32 bit).


第三部份 转pkstock_yahoo






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Firefox Myentunnel SSH代理设置教程:







sudo apt-get install expect

Step2:新建一个文本,暂定名称就叫sshgfw。 打开终端(terminal)下输入:

sudo nano /etc/sshgfw


set timeout 60

spawn /usr/bin/ssh -D -p 22 -l user yourserverIP
expect {
"password:" {
send "passwordr" #这里的第二个password改为你自己的密码

interact {
timeout 60 { send " "}


chmod a+x /etc/sshgfw


sudo /etc/sshgfw


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... 后补

12月7日 21:07 吃药,创此日志.

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温馨提示:计算机系统集成的项目经理和高级项目经理要尽快完成,不要拖到最后 希望大家能重视.各位学员:







In the morning, I join in the company’s sports competition, I will dead after running,and pain in the whole day.

In the afternoon,the last room was rent to one girl,who work at china mobile company.