Wednesday, June 20, 2018

china futures ctp realtime server docker image description

used this docker image,to receive china futures ctp realtime data.


1. docker:
docker image see:

docker template:
    environment: (change below values if your need)
      - users.simnow.mdInvesterID="{your account id, liked 065206}"
      - users.simnow.mdInvesterPassword="{your simnow password}"
      - users.simnow.mdBrokerID="9999"
      - users.simnow.mdFrontAddr="tcp://"
      - users.simnow.mdInvesterPassword="tcp://"
      - sys_log_filePath=
      - sys_wsSrv_port=8086

2. web socket client:
websocket client docker ip:8086, send json string to regist realtime data:
{"cat": "quote","oper": "realtime", "data", {"stk":"*"}}
you can change * to your want symbol, liked: "rb1809".
After that your can receive multiple realtime data liked:


Monday, June 11, 2018

bitcoin auto trade software free publish


i publish one auto trade software for bitcoin encrycoin, it can support below exchange:

i tested: "","","",""

and i not tested but may be supported: "","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","",""

your can download binary from github:
if your want to get source, can send me 10 eth, then email to me to get the source.

docker environments list sample:
        - name: accounts_bitmex_apiKey
          value: 'your api key'
        - name: accounts_bitmex_apiSecKey
          value: 'your api secure key'
        - name: accounts_bitmex_exchange
          value: ''

        - name: conditions_bitmex-simple
          value: '{"type": "simple","target":{"account": "bitmex","currency": "XBT","baseCurrency": "USD"},"parameter":{"leverTradeSide": "buy","leverTrade": true,"vol": 5,"buyPrice": 7649,"sellPrice": 7675}}'

        - name: strategies-product
          value: '{"type":"simple","orderInvalidSeconds":120,"orderSellRetry":false,"intervalSeconds":20,"conditions":["bitmex-simple"]}'

        - name: sys_srvaddr
          value: ''
        - name: sys_tmp_savePath
          value: '/tmp/data/save/{key}'
above accounts_{accountName}_apiKey, can change or add your self multiple account name.
conditions_{conditionName}, can change or add your self multiple condition name.
strategies-product, can change this child "conditions" value to add your own conditions name.

or direct put environment:
        - name: config_json
          value: {your custom conf/config.json file full content}
above {your custom conf/config.json file full content} can see here

20180614 add docker support:
20180611 github: