Sunday, January 5, 2014

develop log–simple git log 简单使用日志

1.init environment

-- 初始化

1.1 init

-- 初始化

git init

1.2 clone

-- 克隆

git clone ssh://

2.add git server

2.1add remote depositary

-- 添加远程仓库

git remote add phpcloud ssh://
git remote add cdsn

2.2 show remote depositary list

-- 查看已添加的远程列表

git remote

2.get code

2.1 pull code

-- 拉代码

git pull phpcloud master

this will get ssh:// depositary master branch.and local depositary name is origin.

-- 它拉取ssh:// 仓库 master 分支.本地仓库名为origin.

2.2 commit to git local cache

-- 将修改的代码提交到本地缓存

git commit –am "change some code log"

2.3 push local cache to server

-- 将本地的缓冲提交到服务器

git push phpcloud master:master

-- or 或者

git push phpcloud master

-- or 或者

git push phpcloud

3.branch -- 分支

3.1 local branch -- 本地

3.1.1 create branch -- 创建分支

create branch 'branch1' --创建分支 'branch1'

git branch branch1

3.1.2 switch branch --切换分支

git checkout branch1

3.1.3 branch list - 分支列表

git branch

3.1.4 branch delete - 删除分支

git branch -d branch1

3.2 remote branch -- 远程分支

3.2.1 create remote branch -- 创建远程分支

this in push,from local master branch to remote phpcloud depositary

-– 在push时操作,将本地的master分支提交到phpcloud仓库的branch1分支上

git push phpcloud master:branch1

3.2.2 branch remote  list - 远程分支列表

git branch –a

3.2.3 branch remote delete - 删除远程分支

git push phpcloud --delete branch1



free web host cloud introduct – 2 phpcloud


2.1 introduct


by zend

2.2 screenshot

2.2.1 default page:


2.2.2 login here:


2.2.3 login default console page:

image console –> access key:

image console –> My Containers:

image console –> My Containers –> Create Container:


2.2.4 console –> your app(pkrss):

image PHP Cloud –> Management:

image PHP Cloud –> Snapshots:


2.2.5 Overview Overview –> Dashboard:

image Overview –> Events:

image Overview –> Code Tracing:

image Overview –> Job Queue:

image Overview –> Server Info:

image Overview –> Logs:


2.2.6 Application Application –> Apps:

image Application –> Libraries:

image Application –> Monitoring Rules:

image Application –> Caching Rules:

image Application –> Job Rules:


2.2.7 Configurations Configurations –> Components:

image Configurations –> PHP:

image Configurations –> Studio Integration:

image Configurations –> Monitor:

image Configurations –> Session Clustering:


2.2.8 Administration Administration –> Servers:

image Administration –> Audit Trail:

image Administration –> User:

image Administration –> Web API:

image Administration –>Settings:

image Administration –> Import/Export:


3.develop log

3.1 error:

s\cache\index.php file not exist,and in Overview –> Logs –> error:

[Sun Jan 05 08:23:42 2014] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/pkrss/.apps/http/__default__/0/1.0-zdc/public/home
RewriteBase /s/cache/

4.i said

phpcloud is good for me.

but .htaddcess header keyword i get error.

and i used git submit code to it,where the page is show old?


what i said,may be wrong,please try it yourself!


free web host cloud introduct


1.1 introduct


by redhat

1.2 screenshot

1.2.1 default page:


1.2.2 my apps –> application:


myapps –>application –> php –


myapps –>application –> php – –> change alias:


myapps –>application –> php – –> change alias –> add alias:


1.2.3 my apps –> setting:


1.2.4 my apps –> help:


1.2.5 my apps –> add application:

image my apps –> add application –> java:

image my apps –> add application –> php:

image my apps –> add application –> ruby:

image my apps –> add application –> python:

image my apps –> add application –> node.js:

image my apps –> add application –> perl:


2. my said

i used git commit code to it. openshift support 1 free web application.

i done:

1.web background setting,ex: setting ssh key...

2.import php code by git to server.

3.change my php pdo connection code

mysql pdo connect ion string.

local communtion used $_SERVER["OPENSHIFT_PHP_IP"] . ':' . $_SERVER['OPENSHIFT_PHP_PORT'] ,not used ‘'.

your can used <?php phpinfo(); ?> to show your environment variable.

4.openshift is good now.


what i said,may be wrong,please try it yourself!