Wednesday, August 28, 2019

earn 185000$ crypto exchange in 1 hour then clean by exchange

    20180823 05:00-06:00 (GTC), I used my trader bot triangular-arbritage earning 185000$ in crypto exchange, because the exchange make mistake with symbol with very cheap price.
    But, the exchange disabled withdraw in 06:00, and closed api trade privileges.
    After that,  they said it was made by other market makers, some market makers used bad strategies, which focused on other big crypto exchange named binance. Binance price was wrong, their website annonment said their server in aws japan, and some cloud server was error. Bitmax announcement said them only rollback those orders which order price was too big or too small. And need we return those money to the exchange maket makers.
   Thounghtly, we denied with them. But exchange force manual changed our money balance with one origin balance value, it is 540$, small than actually value 700$ in 05:00, the crypto currency is not same with before. It was not server rollback, it was manaual changed user's account balances by their client service wokers.
  Below are the screenshots in that event.
  So, carefully woking in crypto exchange, it was unsafe, especifilly in those chinese made exchanges.