Saturday, December 8, 2012

sourceforge server build phpbb and discuz log

1.move phpbb discuz from old server to sourceforge server.

1.1.ssh sourceforge

1.2.copy phpbb  discuz to sourceforge bbs/

1.3.import phpbb discuz mysql database gzip compressed file to mysql.

1.4 changed config.php for new db setting

1.5 run ok

now phpbb is moving ok. but discuz table size gziped is more than 2mb so much.i changed them nowing.


if datatable is small than 2mb.than your can export tham by phpmyadmin used gzip and drop exist option.

if database is big,ex:180mb you can export it used gzip and drop exist option,and line limits need replace 50000 to 50000000.and export it.

then ftp it to server.and ssh it,and “gzip –d bigsql.sql.gz”

then: mysql  -h hostname–u root –p

then: used databasename

then: source fullpath/bigsql.sql

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