Thursday, January 17, 2013

svn: E160004: Corrupt representation

svn error log:

svn: E160004: Corrupt representation

when i submit 273 in two place on the same time. then it only return one revision code 273 to me. and in server file content log,the your svn revposi/code/db/revs/273 is error,it have multi submit content. and if svn server read it, may say you: end of file error.


rm code/db/revs/0/273
vim code/db/txn-current // changed 273 to 272
rm code/db/rep-cache.db

then in two client place,svn checkout 272 code.

and replace .svn/ folder to your work dir. then svn client commit will let you resubmit 273 code.

Notice: not submit svn in two place on the same time!

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