Monday, May 13, 2013

wordpress setup donate plugin–paypal administrative console,setup plugin –> search ‘paypal’, i choose “donate via paypal”,then click setup button,after that enabled this new plugin.

image already setuped plugin list,your can found “donate via playpal”,click setting button.


and it look like this:


Enter Your Paypal Email id on which you want to recieve
Enter the text you want to display above donation banner:Thanks for your helper!
Where you want to display paypal donation banner ?:Posts and Pages
Your Prefered currency to recieve payment:United states dollars(default)
Your Paypal Return Url:

then click “update options” button.

(Say:)That return click is setuped in some years age,i not test it yet.

(Tip:)Your can change my email to your paypal login email,and your can have the donate button,no need to setup any operator.

3.result, your can see it:



Donations - Use PayPal to Easily Accept Donations on Your Site

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