Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New version of pkrssv2 in the Android Market



Hello lian deliang,
You've just released the 2.19 version of your "pkrssv2"=
app on the official Android Market.

You've uploaded the 2.05 version to AndroidPIT. Please upload the latest ve=
rsion to AndroidPIT, so that AndroidPIT users can also install the latest v=
ersion of your app.

Just click on "Upload upgrade" on your developer page for the "pkrssv2" app=

Access your developer page here:

Your AndroidPIT Team

You've received this e-mail because you've uploaded the "pkrssv2" app to th=
e www.androidpit.com website and you have recently released a new version o=
f this app on the official Android Market.=20

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