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Global can earn money wordpress blog Advertising Alliance Introduction–3 infolinks

1.what is Infolinks

Infolinks leads the online advertising industry by driving new revenue opportunities for publishers while overcoming banner blindness for advertisers.

Infolinks drives new revenue for publishers by delivering intent-based ads in non-traditional web places. Select from a range of elegant and innovative ad units that best suit your needs, fully customize their appearance and easily add them to your site with our 1-minute integration plugins.
Infolinks ad units include:

Capitalize on browser margins with attractive display ads.
Engage users with an overlay ad unit most relevant to the user's intent.
Display a tag cloud of keywords relevant to your content.
Monetize inside the lines by highlighting your best keywords.

Advertiser Solutions
Infolinks empowers advertisers to reach consumers with highly targeted, intent-based ad units. Our ads appear in non-traditional, yet effective placements to increase engagement and overcome banner blindness. Why burn your budget on ads that consumers nearly universally ignore when Infolinks delivers 30x the engagement of standard ads? Create your own campaign in minutes using our simple Self-Serve Marketplace, or contact an account manager to help you get started.

Advertise with Intent
Target consumers based on intent, to achieve a higher response rate.

Powerful Engagement
Serve ads only to hand-raisers – people who are truly interested.

Make the Most of Your Ads
Budget efficiently with competitive pricing and real-time bidding.

Global Reach
Join the platform delivering billions of monthly impressions across 100,000+ sites in 128 countries.

Office web

2.Screen shots

2.1 my blog screenshots

In my blog, it will show like this:


3.Register and login

After your register,it need 1 work day to audit,and can easy passed.


after your register and login,in dashboard control has some navigate menus: Repoerts, Integrate, Customize, Account, New, FAQ, BLOG.

4.1 Add website

with menus Account –> MyWebsites,

in left panel,there is one message:

According to the Infolinks terms and conditions, payments are processed up to 45 days after the end of each billing cycle.

We here at Infolinks work hard to insure our customers receive their payments as soon as possible, but there are many external factors such as country of residence and payment method that effect the payment process.

As always we are here to answer any questions you might have.

Thank you,
The Infolinks Team.

and i ignore it,clicked “Add website”:

Add Website
To add additional websites to your account, simply fill in your website's details below and click "submit".
Website URL:*Website category:
Select: *Website language:
* Denotes required fields.

i type my website url:””

Websites category:”Internet & telecom”

Website language:”english”

Comments: “blog of my website”.

then clicked “Submit”.

after that,it’s Status is pending.and will be audit in work days.

4.2 Integrade

i clicked “wordpress” button,and operator bellow it’s instructions,to setup infolinks wordpress plugin for my blog websites.

4.3 wordpress plugins profile:

it’s default plugin setting is good.

and if your can custom by your wordpress admin page, after your install and active above wordpress plugin, “Setting” –> “Infolinks setting”,and it will show:

Infolinks Official Plugin
This plugin will automatically add your Infolinks script to your website pages

Infolinks In Text Ads: On / Off (On)

Publisher ID : Please enter your infolinks pid (my is 2045859)
Website ID : Please enter your website wsid (my is 0)

Exclude from the following pages (please enter page numbers comma- separated. Infolinks will not be added to these pages)

jQuery : Use plugin jQuery / Use site jQuery (Use plugin jQuery)

Show in header / titles:
(jQuery is mandatory for this feature) On / Off (On)

Enable Infolinks on posts / Enable Infolinks on comments (selected two options)

Want to earn even more?
Click here to activate Tag Cloud on your pages

By adding Tag Cloud to your pages, you can increase your earnings with our attractive, fully-customizable cloud of keywords that display in a Tag Cloud unit at the bottom of your text.

Tag Cloud operates just like our In-Text ads, a mouse hover reveals our ad bubble, and each click equals more money for you! Our smart algorithm delivers the best keywords for each page and helps to further turn your content into money by matching each keyword with a relevant ad.

To view or edit your Infolinks account settings, please visit the Integration guide
and our FAQs, or contact us at


and clicked “Save setting”.


your can see this effect in my blog.

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