Tuesday, November 1, 2011



I need lean english from now on by self-learnt.


what are depression(沮丧) days! some many things need I fixed. liked:friends married,production to be bad,goal is losing,society is blackness,pressure come from many ways,money to earn….

pkrss need me to implement,girlfriend need me to find,caused need me to worked hardly,

knowledge need me to learnt,living need me to live.

ok,you are right,I am a stubborn(顽固) old man.who are 28ages, and hardly communicate to another one.who are be imagined(想像) by adhere to self-view(坚持自我观点),who are prevent another continue to work in many timers.

Always silence, not to many saying..  because i  think that is wasting.

Good , I will work hardly.



cy is leaving from fz,go to xm,why


silverlight 5 is not good, xaml is not good edit in blend 5,blend has some bug, not good run in many computers.

I want to found some hyperlink control in web, liked in : http://gallery.expression.microsoft.com


when I research silverlight’s prism, my good friend is call me to play war rpg….



these two days,I waste for playing games by mostly free timers.

tomorrow,I will publish these url to colleague,relate for c#’s chart and ObservableCollection<T>.

these url is search by keywors ”ObservableCollection chart slow” in bing.



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