Tuesday, October 30, 2012

cloudfront中国大陆路由跟踪记录2-Feedback to amazon cloudfront

i feedback to amazon cloudfront’s contract us:

cloudfront in china, access is so slow.
in my months's test,when chinese connect cdn.pkrss.com. the cdn ip is in american or canada. www.pk17s.cn is in west american, but it can quickly than cdn.pkrss.com.

cdn is not Content Delivery Network? or asia endpoint all connect to north america.

after google is not connected well,now bing.
foreign country'
s service is all slow in our country....

these website has one website speed test tool: http://http.7c.com/

my website is http://www.pk17s.cn and my blog http://blog.pkrss.com and my email: liandeliang@yahoo.com.cn. has some one can speed up in china,can contact me.(no waste money)

open the hyperlink,it show that:
Monitoring Hurricane Sandy

We are monitoring Hurricane Sandy and making all possible preparations (e.g. generator fuel, food/water, flashlights, radios, extra staff) in our US East Region. Our infrastructure teams are following our storm response plan that we have developed and utilized during major storms over a multi-year period. Please stay tuned to the Service Health Dashboard for any additional updates.

Customers have also been asking us if there is anything they should be doing at this time related to Hurricane Sandy. Our response to this question is that customers should be following general best practices related to managing highly available deployments (e.g. having a backup strategy, distributing resources across zones).

Are you taking advantage of distributing compute resources across multiple AZs?
How to build fault tolerant applications on AWS?
What can I do to improve my monitoring and watch for unexpected behavior or errors?
What are the storage best practices in EC2?
What should I do if my instance is no longer responding?
How do I troubleshoot instances with Failed Status Checks?
AWS Trusted Advisor - Scan your AWS environment for optimization recommendations


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Case 74998851 - cloudfront in china slow

Status Unassigned
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By liandeliang@yahoo.com.cn
Opened Oct 30, 2012 02:22 AM PDT
Category General Account Question, Account Management

they ard good work for their country.

but our country?

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