Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV leaked pictures: disapointing design



Hello lian deliang,

The heralded=C2=A0Samsung Galaxy S IV will be unveiled in the just three da=
ys and in the meantime, new leake=
d images have just hit the web. These were posted in a Chinese Forum an=
d offered not just a few measly pictures, but full-out detailed and up-clos=
e-and-personal pictures of the long awaited device. There's a lot of specul=
ation about this newly-posted mystery device? Could it be the real deal?=20

Best regards,
the entire AndroidPIT-Team

App of the Week – Office 2012: Pr=

Office 2012: Presentations: a lifesaver for any college student or business=
person. It lets you open, edit, save your PowerPoint files while all forma=
tting and content remains unchanged and will show your presentation just li=
ke it does on your PC. Last minute presentation fix-ups will be a cinch. It=
's got all the bells and whistles, like spell check for many languages, gra=
bbing docs from various sources, like Google Drive or Dropnote and exciting=
animations. One of a kind, you can start a slide show on your PC, edit it =
on SoftMaker, then finish it on your PC. Nothing gets skewed. Check it out =
and see all it has to offer.

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ommended Apps

Monster Warlord

With the help of your guide Mika, venture into the world of monsters and tr=
y to capture the rarest and strongest ones. You can accumulate an inventory=
of hundreds of these mysterious beasts and even create stronger and more e=
xtra-ordinary hybrids. In this social game, you can forge alliances with yo=
ur friends and battle your evil bosses, complete missions and get rewards f=
or your bravery and honour.=20

raquo; go to App

Trial Xtreme

You say you've got that thirst for speed? There's no better way to quench i=
t than with Trial Xtreme, a step up from those running games. It's a fun an=
d addicting interactive game, where you rip through 60 levels with your dir=
t bike, using your touch screen and phone accelerometer. Physically you'll =
be sitting down, but with Trial Xtreme, you'll be racing like crazy.

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LEDBlinker Pro

Things just got more interesting. Boring things like missed calls now get t=
hat extra added kick with LEDBlinker Pro. It will let your LED show your mi=
ssed calls, SMS, Facebook and Whatsapp messages and much more. It supports =
over 40 different apps with the choice of different colours. Don't be borin=
g, get LEDBLinker Pro.

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App Review – The Simpsons=E2=84=A2: Tapped Out

I'm a big The Simpsons fan and am stoked that the first big Simpsons game i=
s now available for Android smartphones and tablets (especially considering=
that iPhone and iPad users have been playing it for a while).

» go to tes=

News –=20
What It Means That Android ICS/ Jelly Bean Has Overtaken Gingerbread

For the first time ever, there are more people running a more recent versio=
n of Android than 2.3 Gingerbread, according to Android's Developer site. A=
ndroid 4.0 / Ice Cream Sandwich and 4.1 / 4.2 Jelly Bean posted 28.6% and 1=
6.5% of the market, respectively. That adds up to 45% of all Androids, over=
taking Gingerbread's 44.2% take =E2=80=93 if only by a smudge.» go to Ne=

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