Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 in a first hands-on test: reaching the limit



Hello lian deliang,

By building the Galaxy S4, Samsung has yet again pushed the technical bound=
aries. However, it's undeniably true that these boundaries don=E2=80=99t ha=
ve much to do with the hardware anymore. These innovations have occurred el=
sewhere: in software, material and design. The Galaxy S4 offers a lot when it come=
s to these specifications, but not everything.

Best regards,
the entire AndroidPIT-Team

App of the Week – Piano Master

Music talent and playing an instrument is made easy and cheaply with Piano =
Master. By following the notes on the screen, you can play a array of famou=
s songs and feel like a maestro yourself, like Bach or Mozart. Get out your=
smartphone or tablet, and practice songs at different levels of difficulty=
on either the grand piano, guitar and learn about chords, notes and rhythm=

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ommended Apps

MapsWithMe =
Pro Offline Maps

Don't have internet; no worries! With MapsWithME Pro, Offline Maps search a=
nd mark your fave locations around the whole planet. It's got all countries=
and cities, even small islands. Easily operated with map rotation or auto-=
follow mode, it works fast, offline and offers GPS positioning. You can eve=
n bookmark your favorite maps. Globe-trotters, never get lost again!

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Step into the world of Lumiya, a client to Second Life and OpenSIM, offerin=
g you a world view with 3D graphics. You can do the basics: sending and rec=
eiving I.M's and quickly teleporting to your favorite Second Life locations=
, where you'll take part in local conversations, interact with objects and =
interact with the 3D world that surrounds you.

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Audionet Music M=

This app has jumped out of the lab and into your heart. Audionet Music Mana=
ger targets music lovers and enhances their music listening experience by o=
ffering easy-operable and comfortable functions, like search, bookmarking, =
multi-playback, just to name a few. Test it out with the free trial and get=
your finger snapping and toes tapping.

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App Review – Protoxide: Death Race =E2=80=93 Apocalyptic Races betwee=
n Life and Death

Who doesn't remember that scene from Star Wars, where Anakin Skywalker need=
ed to win the so-called podrace? Real Star Wars fans will know what I'm tal=
king about. I was immediately reminded of this podrace, where every possibl=
e kind of creature tries to battle it out in space-age sleighs. I thought o=
f this when I read through Protoxide: Death Race's description. You'll find=
out why my association wasn't too far off, as well as what sort of adventu=
res await you in today's app test review!

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News –=20
Fashion meets technology: pimping out your smartphone

The Unpacking of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has unleashed a domino effect of pro=
fit and not only for the Korean manufacturer. In facts, millions will be ma=
de for companies planning on making the S4, the life companion, a real fash=
ion accessory. Now-a-days, it's not good enough to be functional, being abl=
e to call person A or send an SMS to person B. It's about how your phone lo=
oks and if it matches your own personal style.» go to News

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