Thursday, June 20, 2013

visual c + + plugin Guinness

visual c + + plugin Guinness

vc and somewhat awkward, compared to other ide, even a basic auto-complete are not, it is rough ah, but fortunately there are many plug-in support.
The following lists some of the more useful plug-ins:
1.Visual Assist (strongly recommended)
VA from 5.0 until now VAX, more powerful, in addition to the previous version of the automatic identification of a variety of keywords, the system functions, member variables automatically given input prompts, automatic error correction case, automatic labeling errors, etc. than, the latest version of the still
WorkSpace window to add a VA View, you can more easily find the project files, classes, and variables.

2.WndTabs (strongly recommended)
WndTabs mainly in the editing window shows all open files in VC can more easily manipulate these files, such as modify file attributes, copy the file path, file name, etc., and also open source, if you wish, You can add your own very interesting feature.


Used statistical lines of code the whole project, including the total number of rows, the code lines, comment lines, blank lines, etc., and together with statistics on the number of projects, it does not calculate the same file multiple times.

A spell checker plug-in, the entire document or selected parts of spell checking, support for C / C + + / C #, VB, Fortran and HTML.

5.SourceStyler C + +
This plug-in is for C + +, a formatting tool for their own coding habits, select a coding style, you can also define your own, but definition is very detailed, expressions, pointers, templates, classes, enumerations dozen , sure to meet your needs

6.Numega BoundsChecker (strongly recommended)
Is for Visual C + +6.0 application most comprehensive error detection tool. BoundsChecker automatically pointed static, stack memory errors and resource leaks. BoundsChecker can check the latest Windows APIs, including ActiveX, DirectX, OLE / COM, ODBC and more. Able to find compatibility with the Windows platform.

7.BCGControlBar Library
Very good set of interface used vc6 extension library, easy to make vc2003 interface. And gave examples of various interfaces, such as, outlook, replacement of the skin and so on.

8.Comment Wizard

Atomineer Utils is a very good plug-in for Visual Studio. Single key-combo for automatically generating comments for entire blocks or even entire files based on an easily defined schema.

Visual C + + plug-in provides a Visual C + + source code annotation standardization and automation. With its help, you can quickly create a header file information notes, document annotation module, C + + approach, and the C language features and historical correction function annotations, and so on.

VC interface library collection

GuiToolkit (open source, similar to the Visual Studio 2003 style)

GardenUI (free, the interface effect is very good, XML, code interface separation)

CJLib (open source, free, UNICODE encoding, is xtreme toolkit of pre-existence, but the charges xtreme toolkit)

LibUIDK (some free, open-source, the effect is good, suitable maps)

BCGControlBar (charges, feel and Office-like interface)

SKin + + (charge, the interface looks good)

SkinMagic (with SKin + + similar)

ActiveSkin (Unknown)

SYGUI (charges like Office)

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