Monday, December 16, 2013

Inspirational - good saying

         A drop of  dirty water will contaminate a glass of clean water, whereas a drop of clean water will not purify a glass of dirty water.
        There are three things in the world that people can not take away from you: the food in your stomach, the dream in your bosom, and the knowledge in your mind.
       Horses are liable to stumble over soft grounds, so are people over sweet talks.

       There is no distinction between tragedy and comedy.  The tragedy you can get over from is a piece of comedy; the comedy you indulge yourself with is a piece of tragedy.

       Without reading, you are nothing but a mailman even you've trod thousands of miles.
       Don't get riled up when your neighbor plays piano at two o'clock in the morning; you can wake him up at four and tell him of your admiring his performance.
        If you do nothing but wait, you'll find the only thing would happen is your getting old.
        Real friendship doesn't mean endless talks when people getting together; instead, it means no need of an ice-breaker even there is only silence between them.

       Time is a master of curing trauma, but absolutely not an expert in solving problems.


       It'd better regret of doing something, rather than regret of missing something.

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