Saturday, December 14, 2013

Inspirational: Opportunity die in seven words in!

转: 机会,就死在这7句话里!

Forwarding : Opportunity to die in seven words in!


Most opportunities are dead in someone else's mouth:


1: that the lie. Do not really understand, direct conclusion. A hammer killed, resulting in lost opportunities. To carefully think about what people can lie to you? Defraud or Pianse it? The worst is how.


2: hesitation. Ideological struggle for too long, less than delay the decision, the news revolve history. That and we buy clothes, today saw a dress I feel very beautiful, you want to buy, but too expensive hesitated a few days of clothes but no longer, or have lost the desire to buy. While the iron is very important.


3: Research. Very interested in research from academic theory to explain their point of view, to abandon the practice. Research will engage in their own complicated winners are simple people. Select all look at the first feeling.


4: asking the wrong person. Ask people do not understand the line, wants to open a clothing store but ask people who open pet store , he will tell you to open a pet store better. Asked people in the peer did not do successful, to ask the person have closed down over clothing stores , you should ask people to do successfully make money.


5: others said. Others say really important? Certain people get married divorced two days, I see you do not get married!


6: difficult. All business opportunities are relatively early money, because many people do not know. And many people know, you have to get ahead of the! Do not do anything, wanted to put his wish to die, and the poor.


7: this and that about the same. Something like that a lot, but you need to see a different nature! To tell the truth, dead samed with the living, but sent a deep breath. Can the same? Almost everything a lot worse.


Comments: not so much dead in someone else's mouth, as it is dead in his way of thinking and mentality in.


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