Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rumor: Galaxy S4 to Feature Touchless Gesture Control



Hello lian deliang,

Samsung is rumored to be have developed "floating touch" feature on the Gal=
axy S4 that will allow users to navigate their phones without ever touching=
the display. Called "gesture control," the feature would be especially hel=
pful in situations where it would be easier to wave your hand or finger above your screen t=
han actually touch it.

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the entire AndroidPIT-Team

App of the Week – External Keyboard H=
elper Pro

The new External Keyboard Helper Pro offers a non visible soft keyboard tha=
t can be used with either hardwired Bluetooth or USB keyboards. Once you c=
onnect your keyboard, it can be easily and automatically set up and will pr=
ovide you with several configuration options including numerous keyboard la=
youts, application shortcuts and text strings. The user friendly app can s=
witch between three different layouts of your choice and is ConnectBot Awar=
e, just to name a few of its many features. Sky is the limit with this app=
, as grants you the option of up to 40 different language keyboards.

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ommended Apps

Airline Flight Stat=
us =E2=9C=88 Pro

When traveling around the world, this app will save the day, and the day af=
ter and the day after that=E2=80=A6Flight Hero is an essential tool that ev=
ery globe trotter needs. You can check the departures and arrivals of your=
flights, as well as see the exact location (to the precise longitude, lati=
tude and altitude) of the airborne airplane. You can foresee and plan arou=
nd any delays or weather changes with Flight Hero's real time flight status=
and 10 day weather forecast. Easy search and filter options allow you find=
to the nearest airport to you anywhere in the world, from the 16227 listed=
on the app. By setting up your own TripIt account, you can sync your own =
trip and save your favorite flights and airports. Offered in 29 languages,=
this app will surely take you far.

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ClearView Pro Go Launcher EX

New is always better. And so is clearer and more variety. This new app wil=
l without a doubt offer much more variety and options when choosing the app=
earance of your Smart Phone. Featured are 100 HD icons, 5 HD wallpapers, 5=
HAD app drawer background variations, 2 Dock bars and much more to come. =
Creating your own clear style has never been easier. This app won't crowd =
your already limited internal memory space. It can be moved to your SD card=
after installation. Clearview Pro Go Launcher EX will let you express your=
own individual Smart Phone style.

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Who Becomes Ri=
ch (ad-free)

Have you ever wanted to switch spots with the contender on a game show beca=
use you knew all the answers? Now, you can test your knowledge right from y=
our Smart Phone with the Who wants to be rich app. The app simulates a tri=
via game with multiple choice questions, displayed just like you see on TV.=
When stumped on a question, you have three life lines to save you from lo=
sing everything! Bored at a dinner party? Try outsmarting your friends by =
using this app in a group setting. This app will let the competitive juice=
s flow and make you feel like a real winner. You can ever send your own wo=
rthy, nail bitting questions via an ingame submitter.

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App Review – WiFi Baby Monitor =E2=80=93 Sweet dreams

We love our spending time with our kids, but sometimes chilling on the livi=
ng room sofa while the little one snoozes in the other room is bliss. Still=
, you want to keep a virtual eye on the little tyke, even when you're in an=
other room. This is where baby monitors come in. Baby monitors usually run =
on the same DECT technology as mobile phones, but nowadays more advanced te=
chnologies are also available (I'm looking at you, WiFi)=E2=80=93and the ap=
p WiFi Baby Monitor has picked up on this. Find out more in our review.

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News –=20
HTC Thunderbolt Ice Cream Sandwich Update Runs Into Performance Issues

It was just a couple of days ago when we brought you word that the HTC Thun=
derbolt from Verizon has received the long awaited Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sa=
ndwich update, ferrying owners of the first LTE smartphone on Verizon from =
Gingerbread land to the cool dessert. However, not everything is as sweet a=
s it sounds, as there are reports from certain segments of HTC Thunderbolt =
owners who had already updated their respective devices, and hit a brick wa=
ll in terms of performance. Are you one of them?» go to News

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