Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Key Lime Pie: 5 New Features for Android 5.0



Hello lian deliang,

As we wait for Google's yearly I/O developer=E2=80=99s conference, it's exc=
iting to think of what new discoveries will be brought to the table. Since =
Google with=C2=A0Android 4.1=C2=A0came out last year, it's very probable that this year they will be d=
elivering Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. We've made our own predictions about fi=
ve different features that this update just might be boasting.=20

Best regards,
the entire AndroidPIT-Team

App of the Week – Handrite Notes Notepad Pro

Always find yourself stuck trying to find a pen & paper but have no luck? =
=C2=A0Then this is the app for you! =C2=A0Handrite Notes Notepad Pro is you=
r rescue app when you need to write something down and have nothing to writ=
e it down with. This app acts as a sticky note, to do list and even a journ=
al. Handrite Notes Notepad Pro includes many features such as copy & paste =
text and pictures, professionally designed paper styles, customizable pen s=
tyles (such as a fountain pen) & reliable auto-save so you never have to wo=
rry about losing your work. Never miss writing down important information e=
ver again!=20

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Knock=C2=B2+ // LE=
D was yesterday!

Worried about missing a notification? Well then this app is for you! With e=
nergy saving modes, rest assured that your battery will not be used so much=
, & we have tested the app, therefore expect almost no errors or bugs!=20

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Monster Warlord

Complete quests as Mika helps guide you through your journey in this strang=
e world filled with monsters. Catch monsters and defeat your enemies, but w=
atch out for other players who want to challenge you and your monster! Your=
goal is to be the strongest in the wonderful world of Monster Warlord.=20

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Age of Empire

This #1 strategy game takes you back to the European Middle ages. =C2=A0Bui=
ld your kingdom, take control of your empire and battle with other rival ki=
ngdoms. With amazing 3D graphics and vivid images, it really makes you feel=
as if you are really there in person!=20

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App Review – Icomania - The brand new trivia game!

Games for Friends, a very popular trivia app publisher, has now come out wi=
th another great app that utilizes many different icons and mixes them up i=
n a great new game idea. Icomania is an exciting game with funny tiny drawi=
ngs that prompt the player to solve a riddle. It's similar to the ''4 Pics =
1 Word'' app that we also recently reviewed. Discover how fun this game rea=
lly is in our app test review.

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News –=20
Facebook Presents ''Home'': Customized to People, Not Apps

It was only a matter of time before Facebook took a step closer in overtaki=
ng more mobile world territory and today marks a day where they are clearly=
making this their aim. Mark Zuckerberg says that he is really really excit=
ed about this and I think many people will be too. There were two important=
revelations today: Home and the HTC first. Along with HTC, who has been ac=
cumulating popularity with its other new smartphones, Facebook plans on rea=
lly changing the way smartphones work, making them more centered around peo=
ple and your contacts, than the apps. Their goal is to make the phone a mor=
e social, seamless and user-friendly device, where people come first and ap=
ps second.» go to News

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